Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.1.5.4 Pro

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Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.1.5.4 Pro

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.1.5.4 Pro | Android | 25.6 mb

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control.

Use your smartphone to control your TV, Cable / Satellite box and many more devices! Peel app can control all popular brands of:

· TVs - Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba etc.
· Cable/Satellite box - Comcast, Dish, DirecTV, DirectTV etc.
· Streaming Media players - Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Chromecast
· Home appliances ( AC and Heaters) - Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc.

Peel remote uses built-in IR hardware on phone models such as LG G2/G4/G5, Huawei Honor 7 / 8, Xiaomi Mi 4 / 5 / Redmi and many more. For phones without the IR hardware such as Samsung S8 and S7, Peel uses WiFi to discover and control devices.

Easy to setup:
· Peel automatically sets up all the devices in your Wi-Fi network which can be controlled through IR
· Else, you can setup Remotes for your TV and cable / Satellite box and use your phone to control your TV and DTH / Cable box.

Peel enables You to:
· Use the remote widget on the lock screen to do basic control of TV and Satellite box
· Use the full remote on tapping the yellow bubble
· Tune into your favorite shows / movies by tapping on the show images
· Get a list of shows, games and movies which are 'Trending Now' and you 'Recently Watched Channels' , just tune into those shows by tapping on shows
· Get ribbons of shows of each genre
· Set up reminders to watch your favorite shows /Games / Movies
· Search your favorite shows /sport teams /channels
· Get Notifications on popular sports games, Movie premieres and Show premieres, on tapping them, you will into those shows
· Browse the channel guide and see the schedules of your favorite channels.
· See trailers, highlights, short clips of your favorite shows in the 'Videos' section.

Requirements: Android 6.0+

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