AC3D ver. 6.1

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AC3D ver. 6.1

AC3D ver. 6.1 | 5,5 Mb

View, Edit and Create 3D graphics with this popular 3D design. AC3D is very easy to use but powerful too. AC3D is used for a wide variety of purposes, including: Creating 3Dmodels for games Producing models for virtual reality and flightsimulation software Scientific, medical and general data visualisationRapid prototyping of 3D designs The generation of 3D models for highresolution 3D renderings.

Features Summary:

Simple, intuitive 'click and drag' user interface
Truetype font 2D and 3D text generator
Integrated graphical texture coordinate editor
Fast subdivision surface modeling
Many 3D file formats supported

Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D)
Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level
No polygon limits
Extrusion and surface revolution
Software development kit and plugin interface.
Fast and memory efficient, compact program binary.
Built-in fast OpenGL 3D renderer with adjustable field-of-view - instantly see results of your actions in 3D. Spin the model or switch into 'walk mode' for Quake-style control.
Edit at different granularity - groups, objects, surfaces, vertices
Full polygon editing. e.g create a sphere and easily move the points (vertices) to deform the shape.
Create and edit multi-point polygons and lines - not just triangles.
Manipulate individual surfaces
insert/remove vertices
make holes

Texture mapping support with real-time rendering.
Texture/background image file formats supported:
TGA (Targa)

Graphical Texture Coordinate Editor (UV Mapper)
Assemble surfaces into new objects
4 views - 3 orthographic and one 3D. All at once or individually.
Named objects can be searched for within a scene
Navigate/Zoom around the 2d views with cursor keys and other single key presses
Hierarchical view window
Hide/unhide objects for easier/faster editing of complicated scenes
Headlight and up to 7 other positionable lights
24-bit colour palette with adjustable diffuse; ambient; emissive; specular; shininess and transparency
Adjustable 2D and 3D grid guide lines with grid-snap function
Create new surfaces/objects around any selection (Convex hull)
Configurable to use external renderers such as Povray and BMRT - just select Tools->Render to start.
Multi platform program - AC3D file format compatible across platformsAttach URLs to objects for use in VRML files
Attach string data to objects to be used as scripting in Dive or special directives for POV or renderman
Supports many output/input formats including
3D-studio 3DS
Lightwave LWO
Alias triangle
VRML1 and 2 and Inventor
Renderman RIB
Direct X
Quake 3 bsp
Wavefront OBJ
stl (ascii)
sof (airfoil)
LDRAW .ldr (Lego)

Extrude and revolve 2D lines to make 3D shapes.
scale a selection to a specific size
flip a selection (mirror) about X, Y or Z axis
Remove duplicate vertices and surfaces ('optimize')
Simple documented file formats allow easy conversion from other forms of data - ideal for visualizing your own data in 3D.
Developer SDK.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP or Linux x86
Pentium 120 (or equiv) minimum
64 MB RAM minimum
10 MB free hard disk space
preferable, but not necessary - 3D accelerated video card with OpenGL drivers

Changelog ( 6.1 ):

ADDED - new Boolean and Knife functions to object menu
ADDED - Surface->Flatten
ADDED - Terragen .ter importer (Lisa Carter)
ADDED - drag and drop within hierarchy
ADDED - TCE, Hierarchy, Greeble, Create-text, UVMap windows remember the window size and position.
CHANGED - Mac - tool windows now have max/min button.
FIXED - bug in delete where any 2 vertex surfaces (e.g. lines) were treated as polys and wrongly cleaned up
FIXED - closed some memory leaks in edge code.
FIXED - crash on right click 'view properties' menu hier when not over item
ADDED - hierarchy default is now closed (added a pref for this)
CHANGED - order of children objects in groups is preserved when group/ungrouping
FIXED - bug in Vertex->Weld
CHANGED - default material shininess is now 128
CHANGED - text widgets in info windows on about menu are now not editable
CHANGED - Help->About-plugins now details of the first plugin when opened.
CHANGED - undo menu labels are automatically capitalized
CHANGED - Mac bundlename capitalized (changes menu items that refered to 'ac3d' to 'AC3D')
FIXED - menu File->Recent is disabled if there are no recent files.
ADDED - rotate-about-center option to rotate tool params.
ADDED - Option for TCE window to be non-floating (advanced settings)
CHANGED - stipple pattern for hidden boundbox and selected surfaces.
REMOVED - knife plugin.
CHANGED - Edit->Cut now cuts objects to the clipboard in their original order.
ADDED - pre and post render callbacks
ADDED - exposed ac_get_tcl_interp()
CHANGED - object_set_userdata renamed to ac_object_set_data (to set data string)
ADDED - ability for prefs (settings) to be added via tcl

Download: v6.1.html