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Skypito 1.0 Beta for Windows | 13.9 Mb

Finally kids can safely chat on the Internet. No strangers can approach them anymore.

Download here!

About Skypito security

Skypito Kidguard prevents Skypito users from communication with people that haven't been approved by parents. This means that your kids cannot talk, chat or play with strangers or unauthorized people on your Skype buddy list.

First, you as a parent decide who your kids communicate with, then you mark your kids' buddies as one of the following types:

Skypito buddy - these people must use Skypito on their PC in order to speak or chat with anybody. Skypito performs enhanced security checks to verify that this person is actually the one you have approved.

Skype buddy - these people can call your kid directly from Skype. Skypito CANNOT verify that this person is actually the one you have approved. For safety reasons it's recommended to mark only adult relatives or close family friends as this type of buddy.

System requirements

You need to have Skype version 1.4 or later.
PC running Windows 2000 or XP.
Internet connection (broadband is best, GPRS is not supported for voice calls, and results may vary on a satellite connection)
Speakers and microphone (built-in or separate)
Recommend: At least 400 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM and 25 MB free disk space on hard drive

Skypito is free: