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MyScanTool ProScan v5.7

Posted By: Voluve
MyScanTool ProScan v5.7

MyScanTool ProScan v5.7 | 1.25 MB

The Vehicle Connection Manager is what appears when you first launch ProScan. To connect to a vehicle, simply select the appropriate vehicle profile from the drop-down list and click the "Connect" button. A checklist alerts you of the connection process, and if any problems occur, a detailed troubleshooting dialog will appear and provide helpful information for correcting the problem.

Freeze Frame Data
The new Freeze Frame tool allows you to read any freeze frame data stored on your vehicle. Freeze frame data represent a snapshot of critical sensors at the time of a detected problem (thrown diagnostic trouble code). Now you'll be able to know how your vehicle was being driven when the trouble code was thrown!

Oxygen Sensor Tests
The new Oxygen Sensor tool allows you to view tests that your vehicle performs on each individual oxygen sensor. If you're having problems, this tool will allow you determine if your oxygen sensors are to blame, and if so, which one!

Diagnostic Report Generator
With ProScan, you can generate a comprehensive diagnostic report for a vehicle with a single mouse click! You can provide your company information along with your client's details, and ProScan will quickly generate a printable and professional report for your client!

Home Page - http://www.myscantool.com