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Slide Show to Go

Slide Show to Go | 5,28 MB

Create a DVD, VCD, or Super VCD–no other software required!Generate an installable screen saver to use and share—in seconds!Create it here, play it there—as a standalone executable or zip archive—or burn a CD that plays multiple shows on insertion.Make a movie. Use third-party software to convert to streaming video.

Full DVD support; burn up to eight shows with menu on a disc.

· Over 160 transition effects, including Pan, Float, and now Zoom (the "Ken Burns Effect")

· NEW! Burn a CD to playback multiple shows on a Windows PC automatically!

· IMPROVED! Image and sound encryption–distribute your show on CD without your work leaving your control. Photographers take note!

· Design-time slide randomization

· Outlined caption text

· Full-screen MPEG and AVI generation

· Multiple captions per slide, with justification and position control, and automatic fields (file name, slide number, time, date, day)

· Photo cropping

· Slide cropping–leave part of the previous slide untouched

· Sound Start/Stop–start your music at any point

· Selectable thumbnail size

· MP3, MP2, OGG, WAV, MIDI, and WMA sound

· Style sheet control

· Slide scheduling: show slides on specified days and between desired times

· Easy sound-to-slide synchronization