Smart Photo Import ver. 1.10

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Smart Photo Import ver. 1.10 | 2,50 Mb

Smart Import is a small tool that helps you to import the shots from your digital photocamera into your computer.

The job of the software is to take photos from your camera or any other media device (flash memory cards etc..), rename the files automatically and organize them in folders on your PC.

Getting photos from your camera with Smart Import couldn't be easier. Once you setup your preferred import options you have just to choose a subject and click the "Import" button: the program will do all the rest for you.

Smart Import loads very quickly and doesn't make your computer look like a dinosaur.

Preview your photos

In a comfortable, easy to use browser you can view the pictures on your media device or your hard disk. Small previews are available at your preferred size.

Smart Imports is able to display more than 100 different file formats, also you don't need to worry about the camera model, since over 70 digital camera proprietary RAW formats are supported as well.(Click here for the list).

When you insert a new media device in your computer program will detect it and will be ready to import pictures.

Double clicking on a thumbnail will open the picture viewer, that gives you a bigger preview for each photo.

The interface is clean: on top there is the source folder, at the bottom the destination folder where files will be imported.

Import & Organize

Digital photos coming from your camera have menaningless serial names. If you are a photographer who takes hundreds pictures in a week or even in one day you may want to have a fast way to put your pictures on your computer, organize them and give them meaningful names.

Smart Import makes all this possible: it lets you customize the name of the file and of the folders where the files will be imported.

It can use exif data to extract important details about the shot like exact date-time and add it right into the name of the imported files or folders.

You can choose to automatically create folders for each day or month or year of the shots, to specify a subject and the rules for renaming the files.

Total control on your Pictures

Naming your pictures and folders with the year, month, day of the shot will greatly help you to organize them. You will no longer need to spend hours doing this.

With one click you can choose the import options and you can preview how pictures will be imported.

Even if you make a mistake you can undo the last import operation and files will be taken back and renamed in their original positions.

Easily apply rotations, convert formats and Print your thumbs collection

To mark pictures that need to be rotated is very easy: just click one of the two rotate buttons displayed for each picture.

Smart Import never modifies pictures internal data and exif informations because it just copies, moves or rename files as if you would use Windows Explorer. Rotations are all performed losslessly. Pictures that cannot be rotated losslessly will not be modified: a copy will be rotated instead.

You can also create a copy fo each picture and have it converted into another common graphics format.

Finally you can print your picture collections, just like an album, including most important file and exif informations

Reorganize your whole picture collection

Of course, you won't be limited to import pictures from your camera: you can do this for any folder in your computer.

Just drag and drop files and folders from your Windows Explorer into the program and then import them just as before.

In this way you can put in order and reorganize those pictures which you already saved on your hard drive.

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