Palm OS: SmartCell Technology PicturePlus v3.10

Posted By: Alexpal
Palm OS: SmartCell Technology PicturePlus v3.10

Palm OS: SmartCell Technology PicturePlus v3.10 | 2,11 Mb

PicturePlus is the world’s first and only Palm OS JPEG image viewer that makes it possible to view and zoom in 100-Megapixel (10,000 by 10,000) JPEG images on a Palm OS device with only 300 KB of free memory required. PicturePlus is ideal for the viewing the following images:
- Large digital photos captured using high end digital cameras
- Huge high-way, subway, bus, street maps
- Digital images created by high-resolution color scanners
- High quality artwork created by image editing software

Major Features of PicturePlus:

Unique combination of high compression ratio of JPEG images and fast decoding algorithm allows fast viewing of highly compressed JPEG images, including huge maps and high quality digital camera images.

Extremely low memory requirement – only requires 300 KB of memory to zoom a 100-Megapixel JPEG image to 800%.

PicturePlus was fully optimized for Palm OS 5.x based devices such as Palm Tungsten/Treo/LifeDrive, and Sony Clie devices to achieve lightning fast display speed. The entire JPEG decoder engine was written in optimized ARM Native code so that a JPEG image of size 640 by 480 can be displayed in half a second on these devices.

Standard compliant JPEG decoder implementation guarantees excellent image quality.

Thumbnail view allows you to quickly browse through a large number of images.

Support 4-bit grayscale, 8-bit color and 16-bit color output.

Support Palm and Sony high resolution display. Support Palm Tungsten/LifeDrive and Sony dynamic input area and portrait and landscape display modes.

Arbitrary ratio zoom support allow easy viewing of huge JPEG images.

360 degree drag and move.

Beam pictures to other Palm devices.

Slide show with configurable delay and loop option.

Text notes can be attached to every image (up to 2048 characters).

Customizable category support.

Seamlessly handle JPEG images stored both in internal memory and on external VFS memory cards.

Support Palm Tungsten/Treo/LifeDrive 5-way navigator and Sony Clie Jog Dial.

System Requirement
Palm OS 3.5 or above and 135 KB of memory.

See more on developers site.