AH-P101 Soft.SmartDraw SUITE 7.1 RETAIL

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«Better an ounce of luck, than a pound of gold» (Yiddish Proverb)

SmartDraw 7.10 Suite Edition | Retail: $297 | On Line: $197 | 24.39 MB

SmartDraw is tool for drawing 2D diagrams using very easy drag-&-drop methods -- a similar system to Visio and Actrix. It has a considerable amount of ‘smart’ behavior built into its drawing elements, which greatly speeds up the drawing work and provides great versatility. In short, SmartDraw embodies the latest concepts of 2D drawing for a wide variety of fields of application. It is sold direct across the WWW at attractive prices.

A trial version is available for free download and runs for 30 days. The free download includes a set of ‘preview’ libraries that give some indication of the contents of the many libraries of symbols but not the actual contents that you can place into drawings. The preview catalog which is about 5Mb) allows you to examine the contents of the extensive (500Mb) symbol library available to registered users. When in use, SmartDraw provides a facility to download individual library sets from the SmartDraw website and install them. Anyone can download the symbol libraries anytime. However, until the libraries are licensed, symbols appear with a 'UNLICENSED' stamp across the images.

The trial version software totals some 23Mb. The licensed version is available as an instant software download or a CD/manual physical shipment. The download version also includes a 250 page Users Guide in PDF format (1.2Mb), which is quite thorough and includes a brief introductory tutorial.

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PS: Upon Requests I'll see if I can post some Libraries such as organization charts, flow diagrams, chemical formulas, maps, timelines, electrical circuit diagrams, network diagrams, floor plans, etc.




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