SmartDraw Suite Edition 7.2

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SmartDraw Suite Edition 7.2

If you need a great looking flowchart, org chart, floor plan, calendar, form, presentation or any other type of chart or diagram, but you don't have time to learn a new, complex program, the SmartDraw Suite Edition is perfect for you.
You'll get:
Instant productivity
You'll have professional results in minutes—even if you've never drawn anything before

Instant usability
Just drag-and-drop the shapes you need (see all symbols and templates)

Image Plug-In
Add and edit your own photos

SmartDraw is a solution for everyone. It works
with what you know (Word?, PowerPoint?, and more) and provides an endless range of benefits.

It's as Easy as Drag-and-Drop
If you know how to use a mouse, you know how to use SmartDraw. Making a flowchart, floor plan, organizational chart, Gantt chart, calendar, family tree, computer network diagram, or anything with SmartDraw takes three simple steps:

1. Click on the shape or symbol you want
2. Drag it wherever you want on the page
3. Repeat as necessary

The SmartDraw Suite Edition includes more than 60,000 professionally designed templates, shapes, and symbols for you to use (plus you can quickly create or import both your own drawings and your own photographs). With SmartDraw, you'll look like a graphics genius in just a few minutes!

SmartDraw Works with What You Know...
All of your SmartDraw flowcharts and diagrams can be easily copied and pasted into the programs you use every day—Word, PowerPoint, Excel?, and more—adding a new level of visual understanding to your presentations and documents.

And SmartDraw does what other programs simply cannot do. Have you tried to make a flowchart or organizational chart in Word or PowerPoint, and found it to be too time-consuming and the results too boring? Have you found Visio? too pricey or technical? That's why we created SmartDraw, or, as many of our customers call it, the "missing piece" of office software.

Download SmartDraw Suite Edition 7.2 + Serial at Rapidshare

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