Snappy Fax Archive Manager ver.

Posted By: mpe38
Snappy Fax Archive Manager ver.

After using snappy fax for a while you'll undoubtedly begin to accumulate quite a number of fax images. To keep the clutter to a minimum, you could always back up your snappy fax data files and then delete all or some of the fax images in its database. That's not always a good solution, however.
Consider what happens if you've deleted some fax data and the occassion arises that you absolutely need a particular image that you sent or received, say six months ago. You can't use your backup set, because replacing your existing data with the backup set will destroy items in the database that have occurred since the backup. What do you do ?
This is where Archive Manager comes in. Archive Manager can easily bring one or more items from an archive back into snappy fax on an as needed basis. Archive Manager runs alongside snappy fax and can be configured to quitely archive all items that are older than a time period you specify. So, for example, if you want it to automatically archive all faxes over 30 days old. Simply Archive Manager's options and it diligently archives those items on a continuing basis without your intevention. You can, of course, manually perform archiving operations and you can even create and maintain multiple archives.