SnapStream Beyond TV ver. 4.4

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SnapStream Beyond TV ver. 4.4

SnapStream Beyond TV ver. 4.4 | 32 MB

Record and watch TV with your PC. Gain control over your entertainment experience. With Beyond TV, you determine what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. With incredible features and extensive setting options, TV is under your control.
More than a DVR, Beyond TV gives you…

No Subscription Fees. Ever.
Skip commercials and other parts of TV shows
Search for shows by actor, director, or title
Intelligent Electronic Program Guide resolves conflicts
New! Record HDTV from free, over-the-air digital TV signals
New! Record in DivX, MPEG-2 and WMV formats
New! Search for movies and sports, as well as by other categories
New! Play and pause FM radio stations

Easy Fast-Forward and Rewind

Pause, fast-forward and rewind not only your recordings, but also live television. Beyond TV supports multiple speeds of fast-forward and rewind and 30-second skip and 7-second instant replay.
Powerful Program Guide

Beyond TV’s integrated electronic program guide (EPG) has up-to-date listings for the U.S. and Canada. Tell Beyond TV what kind of broadcast source you have and it will construct a personalized guide for you.
Intelligent Recordings

Tell Beyond TV which shows to record and it’ll do the rest. Record an entire TV series, a single show, or all of the new episodes of a show with the click of a button.

New! Support for MPEG-2, Windows Media and DivX

Feel free to choose your recording format—Beyond TV 4 now supports DivX, Windows Media Video (WMV), and MPEG-2 formats. DivX and Windows Media are space-saving and portable. With files ten times smaller than MPEG-2 files, DivX and WMV offer the same great recording quality as the other formats in a fraction of the space. And with new support for DivX 6.1 and its Intel Hyper-threading and Dual Core optimizations, you can record or ShowSqueeze DivX up to 300% faster!

Advanced Settings With the Web Admin

If you’re the kind of person who knows what he wants, and expects to get it, Beyond TV’s Web Admin is just what you’re looking for. It gives you extensive control over advanced settings and options through an easy to use web interface. Change the directory your shows are saved to, customize your channel lineup, and control the quality and format of your recordings. Configure specific ShowSqueeze, SmartSkip, and timeshifting settings and more.