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Socrates ver.

Now that the pleasantries are over we imagine that you would like to know more about just what is Socrates and why is it worth your time to download and try. Well the short answer is: Socrates is a new and unique way for you to intelligently; and we believe more intuitively, manage your computer's ever growing filebase. Afterall we all know the frustration of trying to find stuff anymore on harddrives that are growing larger by the month.

So it is our aim with Socrates to try and make working with your file system something less than a challenge that makes you feel like you are making an appointment to see a dentist and we did this by stepping back and re-thinking of how it is that people think of their files. After all, not everyone thinks of a file; whether it is a text file or a picture file and automatically associate it with a specific folder. Heck some folks may not even now where that dang program saved the file in the first place.

With this concept in mind we took a page from the Microsoft UI designs and got out our pens and paper and started laying out different user interfaces that we felt most closely aligned the MS UI concepts and still felt natural.

The Socrates Manager user interface that you see to the right is what we finally came up with.

What we did was break all files down to the basic 9 Main Categories, which are:
Windows Files

You'll learn more about accessing the different Categories and sub categories; both default and user definable ones later but first we show you how Socrates gets all the information about your file system in order for you to be able to use the program to its fullest