Softimage | XSI v5

Posted By: kanad roy

SOFTIMAGE | XSI 5 | 340 Mb

Acclaimed for its ease of use, XSI v5.0 introduces a comprehensive set of migration tools for Maya users. New interface layouts and navigation modes let artists transfer their existing skills and muscle memory to XSI, and migrate in days, not weeks.
Going far beyond normal maps, XSI v.5.0 introduces “Ultimapper” for film-quality effect maps with a single-click workflow. Ultimapper generates normal, ambient occlusion, difference, parallax, light, and albedo maps from arbitrarily complex models using the full power and cinematic quality of mental ray rendering.



Not a very good server. Sometime it will be offline. Patient and try next day. But better then rapid/mytemp/mega etc. cause supports download managers :)