SonicMQ ver. 7.0

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SonicMQ ver. 7.0

SonicMQ ver. 7.0 | Win32 | Size: 150 MB

Progress SonicMQ is the industry's most robust and resilient standards-based enterprise messaging system, delivering unmatched service availability, high performance, exceptional management capabilities and unsurpassed scalability for vast and sophisticated enterprise deployments. Our exclusive Sonic Continuous Availability Architecture (CAA) ensures system uptime while our Dynamic Routing Architecture and advanced clustering technologies ensure unlimited scalability to vast numbers of messages, users and brokers.

Sonic CAA provides high availability for SonicMQ message brokers, SonicMQ clients and the communications among clients, brokers, and destinations, thereby eliminating the requirement for expensive RAID, OS clustering software or third-party HA frameworks in the messaging layer. No matter how complex, in-process transactions continue to their destinations without costly roll back or recovery time.

routed and load balanced across the brokers in the cluster, facilitating the fastest possible communication across the most effective path.

SonicMQ's advanced distributed management and deployment infrastructure dramatically simplifies operations and lowers the total cost of ownership for business-critical communication across the enterprise. Superior authentication, authorization, and encryption support ensures that messages and systems are protected inside and outside the firewall.

With its guaranteed message delivery system that ensures messages are never lost due to software, network, or hardware failure, industry-leading companies depend on SonicMQ for their most complex business transactions and mission-critical communications across the enterprise.

Features & Benefits
Learn more about SonicMQ key technical features, their function and benefits.

Performance Benchmarking
Get advice and tools for conducting effective load tests on messaging middleware.

Supported Platforms
Obtain a list of products and platforms certified for use with SonicMQ.

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Evaluation Downloads
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Sonic Event Monitor
Provides the capability to track, record, or redirect Sonic metrics and notifications, helping you to monitor and manage your applications.

SonicMQ® Clients
Connect to diverse business applications across the extended enterprise, including those written in C#, C and C++ programming languages.

SonicMQ® Bridges
Transparently route information between disparate messaging domains across the extended enterprise.

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