Sound Normalizer 2.1

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Sound Normalizer 2.1

Sound Normalizer 2.1 | 2,53 Mb
(October 31, 2006)

WAV normalizer – Sound Normalizer is designed for improvement of quality the sound files. This improvement of sound files quality is achieved due to the check and normalize the level of this sound files. WAV normalizer – Sound Normalizer checks and normalizes a level of a sound only those sound files in the name of which there is the .WAV extension that is wav files.

Features :
- The format of a digital sound handled by the program can have following characteristics:
1 (mono) or 2 (stereo) channels;
The number of bits on counting can be equal to 8 or 16 bits.
- This program fulfils normalization on the basis of the maximum peak value, i.e. each channel is normalized on the maximum (absolute) signal for that channel.
- Current value of sound's level and level of normalization are displayed in the form of gradient vertical bar with indication of percentage value.
- Regulation and normalization for level of the sound is carried out separately on each channel (left and right).
- Execution of sound normalization, the program process not a source file but its copy that allows to avoid the fatal mistakes and to make trial testing a level of a sound with the possible subsequent return to the initial state.
- With the build-in WAV player, you can pre-listen the WAV file.