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1…Atmosphere Deluxe

is a sound generator that has
many uses, primarily as a home sound
environment generator and as a tool for
creating commercial nature CD's and audio
for home video. Atmosphere is also widely
used to generate realtime sound FX for
museums, hospitals, therapists etc
Choose from 21 different background sounds
such as Woodland, Seashore, Rain,Thunderstorm
and then select from over 100
background sounds to be randomly playedover the top

2…Natura Sound Therapy v2.0

Welcome to Natura Sound Therapy v2.0. Natura includes a user's
guide to get you started. Be sure to read the guide to familiarize yourself with Natura's features.

1. Ambient Space 1 and Ambient Space 2 sounds

2. Seven user selectable background images

3. Ten user selectable background colors

4. Four video visualizations including ocean, smooth stream, rushing brook and butterfly

5. Five user defined presets

6. Twelve factory presets including Relaxation, Lucid Dreaming, Pick Me Up, Brain
Refresher, Supreme Concentration, Sleep Induction, Deep Meditation, Creative Visualization,
Enhanced Learning, Inner Peace, Mental Stimulation and Mind-Body Healing

7. Separate User’s Guide

8. Settings Memory - NATURA remembers the last settings when you stop NATURA’s
activity or exit the application. You can press the resume button to return to the previous
session’s settings.

9. Completely redesigned interface

10. NATURA loads significantly faster when the application is opened.

3…Natural Ambience

is a Nature Soundscape generator that uses a sophisticated sound engine which is low
on CPU usage allowing it to run in the background without impacting on your PC's performance
Main Window
The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. To use, start the
program, click on a Soundscape then click the Start button. To hide the main window
click on the minimize button. To show the main window right-click the blue sphere in
tray icon area (lower right of screen) and select ‘Show’ from the popup menu. You can
also Start, Stop, Turn Music On / Off and Close from the tray icon.
You can also Enable / Disable the background music from this window.

Options Window
From this window you can register and customize how your program runs. Natural
Ambience allows you to include your own background music files in its play list. Supported
Music files are MP3, WAV and MIDI. To include your own Music files either type the location
or browse by clicking the small folder icon to the left of the input field, then enable by
clicking ' Include Custom Music Files…' checkbox.

4…Atmosphere Lite

Relax and unwind at your PC. Atmosphere Lite allows you to create nature sounds on your
PC exactly the way you want them. Select your favorite sounds, press play then sit back
and relax. Atmosphere Lite comes with twelve presets including soundscapes such as
relaxing ocean, woodland, night forest and campfire. You can even record your soundscape
directly to wav or mp3 ready to listen to anywhere.
Atmosphere Lite comes with twelve nature sound presets including scenarios such as Storm,
Downpour, Tropical Beach, Woodland, Autumn Winds, Campfire, Dawn Chorus, Coastal, Jungle
and Night Forest.

You can easily configure your own soundscapes from the background and the random sounds
supplied. It takes minutes to configure your soundscape. You can then either play this
soundscape in realtime, save it to listen to at another time, or record to wav or mp3 using
the inbuilt recording console, ready to be burnt to CD. There is even an alarm function and
sleep timer incase you want to doze at your desk while a brook bubbles on its merry way,
or the rain patters on a tin roof

Atmosphere Lite creates extremely authentic sounds, and you will never hear exactly the same sequence twice. Have you ever bought a relaxing sound of nature CD, only to find that after a few listens, you know exactly what's coming next? You'll never have that problem again.
You are not just limited to natural sounds scenarios though. Perhaps the best feature of
Atmosphere Lite is the ability to expand its sound banks using add-on scenarios. You can
create all types of soundscapes. Just think of a favorite place, choose an image, and decide
which random and background sounds you would like. If you don't feel like creating your
own scenarios We have more than twenty add-on scenarios in the Atmosphere Lite Users
Area . Some of these are relaxing nature sounds scenarios such as Autumn walk and
Tropical Day. Others such as San Fransisco park, Chicago city, and Autumn City recreate
the hustle and bustle of citylife.
Each add-on scenario contains new sounds and images not found in the downloadable version.


Experience self-hypnosis, relaxation and meditation
Achieve full control over your sessions
Experiment with psycho-acoustic sounds
Create your own mind voyages
SHARM gives you full control over the different aspects of your self-hypnosis, relaxation
and meditation sessions.
Using SHARM, you will learn to design and customize your sessions quickly and easily.
You will set your personal goals and achieve them in your own way.
Explore and study the influence of different types of sound on your state of consciousness.
The Benefits of Using SHARM SHARM has many predefined sessions to start with. Open one
of the session files, set its length (up to one hour), and press the Play button.
After listening to some of the included sessions, start exploring the endless possibilities of
SHARM. You will quickly discover the best ways for you to benefit from SHARM.
SHARM can be used for many applications in many different ways. Here are some possible

Reduce stress and produce deep relaxation
Make your brain healthier and more powerful
Enhance creativity
Accelerated learning
Improve memory
Motivation and Concentration
Quit smoking
Lose weight
Overcome depression and anxiety
Alleviate pain
Self confidence and self esteem
Boost the immune system
Change or eliminate unwanted habits and attitudes
Increase your energy level
Improve your sleep
Practice meditation
SHARM Features
Powerful sound tracks support advanced sound technology.

Suggestions Over 160 empowering suggestions
Affirmations Mix your own affirmations in your session
Nature Sounds Relaxing sounds of water and birds
Background Noise Cycling through your ears
Binaural Beat Brainwave entrainment technology
Musical bells Musical patterns to focus your attention
Ambient Sounds Infinite fascinating background sounds
Breathwork Practice deep breathing (Pranayama)
OM Chorus Practice the amazing OM chorus sound
Mixers (3 tracks) Your scripts, music and other sounds
Define and customize your sessions quickly and easily. Intuitive timeline let you quickly
design and implement the layout of each session.
Play the session directly from within SHARM, or generate a sound file to play later, using
any PC media player, your portable CD player or MP3 player .
Test individual segments of the session for precise tuning and customization.
SHARM includes many predefined sessions. Just open the session, set the session length
and enjoy! Use the predefined sessions as a starting point for your own customized sessions.
Each sound track has different controls that enable you to change the properties of the sound.

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