Source OffSite Server Pro 4.2

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Source OffSite Server Pro 4.2

Source OffSite Server Pro 4.2 | Win32 | Size: 1,74 Mb

SourceOffSite is a true client/server solution designed to provide quick and reliable access to a SourceSafe database from remote locations as well as non-Windows platforms. The SourceOffSite Client provides an interface that closely resembles Visual SourceSafe Explorer, allowing users to perform most SourceSafe operations via a familiar interface. SourceOffSite supports data encryption to ensure secure transfer of your data.

The SourceOffSite Client access to the SourceSafe database (via the Internet) is up to 12 times faster than the Visual SourceSafe Explorer 6.0 access due to SourceOffSite's architecture. Key components include:

* A true Client/Server relationship - only the required information is passed between the Client and Server
* Not dependent on Microsoft file sharing
* Optional file compression for large file transfers


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