SourcePublisher for Ada ver.1.4.410

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SourcePublisher for Ada ver.1.4.410

SourcePublisher for Ada ver.1.4.410 | 16,5 MB

SourcePublisher Ada publishes your code, and information about it, to detailed Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML reports. The resulting PDF, when printed, is a very useful tool when reviewing code alone or in groups. Interactively both the PDF and HTML output offers quick, intuitive browsing of the code, with information about where you are visiting shown in separate frames. The source code is syntax/keyword colorized and structure bars also help you easily separate nested constructs.

The results are easy and free to share, whether over the internet, in an Intranet, or on CD-ROM.

Information provided by SourcePublisher Ada output

* Navigational/Maintenance view of the source code in HTML form. This provides much the same navigation and exploration capability as Understand for Ada, including all graphical views.
* CodeReview PDF printouts. These are handy and informative PDF files designed to be printed and used during code reviews and walkthroughs.
* Metrics, in both spreadsheet and HTML report form. Use the spreadsheet information to automatically view and manipulate all project metrics in a spreadsheet (like Excel). Use the HTML report to browse and investigate metrics without requiring another tool.
* Globals a report showing all global usage in the source.
* Package IO a report showing inputs/outputs for all compilation units. This information is often required in DoD Software Detailed Design (SDD) documention.