Spearit Software Move Me 2.53.575

Posted By: quil__23

Move Me is our migration utility for computers running Microsoft Windows. It moves your programs and files from your old computer to your new computer, leaving all of your new computer's pre-existing software intact. Move Me is available in the following versions:

Personal Edition
For individuals moving to a new computer.
Can be downloaded or purchased on CD.
Migrate over a network, parallel ports, or using removable media.

Integrator Edition
For Computer Solution Providers, including system integrators, technicians, and consultants.
Encourage your clients to upgrade their computers by quickly and easily moving their existing data to their new PCs.
Includes a license for 20 migrations.

Enterprise Edition
Upgrade employees' computers in a fraction of the time it takes to do the job manually, with much better results.
Drastically reduce your IT costs.
Can be purchased in quantities of 20, 100, or 500 migration licenses. Click here to learn more


Download/Enterprise edition - 2.7 MB

Download/Integrator edition - 2.7 MB

Download/Personal edition - 2.7 MB