split works for the solidworks (windows os)

Posted By: humayun
SplitWorks 2006 SP0.2 (15 Мb)

SplitWorks' intelligence begins by analyzing the part model and then displaying a color coated preview of the part, showing the potential core, cavity, zero draft angle surfaces and surfaces which belong to both the core and the cavity, according to the selected splitting direction.

The part may be a solid created within SolidWorks, or imported from any other CAD system via SolidWorks' translators. SplitWorks will work even on non-solid geometry giving it a significant competitive advantage over other products.

(15 Мb)|windows os

SplitWorks 2006 SP0.2 (15 Мб)

The user can modifying the split direction, by simply clicking on a plane, planar face or edge, which dynamically updates the preview. Undercuts and "no draft" angle surfaces are analyzed at this stage allowing "you" to determine the best splitting direction.

The geometry is then automatically exploded into six groups (folders)
Both Direction

No Draft
No Draft Core (optional - can be created in the core group)
No Draft Cavity (optional - can be created in the cavity group)

and automatically placed into the SplitWorks Property Page along with a parting line folder.