SpyRemover ver.2.58

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Is someone stealing your information from your PC? Is your browser home page hijacked? Are you in danger of identity theft? Are you being spied on? Are you being watched and tracked? Find out with SpyRemover.

SpyRemover detects and removes more than 17,000 types (more than 28,000 items, including variants) of intrusive devices such as spyware, adware, hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools, and other spy devices on your PC.

This spyware remover is powerful and easy to use. Detect and remove spyware and adware.

Here are some key features of "SpyRemover":

· Detects and removes all types of intrusive devices such as spyware, adware,hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools and others.
· Powerful, yet easy to use for even the casual PC user.
· Offers the most comprehensive spyware definition database.
· Built-in auto-updating engine makes updating of the database easy.
· Real time protection automatically monitors PC for unwanted spyware.
· Enhanced detection and removal engine improves on the thoroughness, accuracy,speed, and efficiency of detecting and removing spyware.
· A must-have tool for your Internet security.

1. What is Spyware?

Spyware comes in many forms. More common examples are:

Adware may track browsing habits and serve up ads Keyloggers record keystrokes to potentially steal passwords or credit card numbers Trojan horses can provide hackers unfettered access to your PC. Dialers can initiate unauthorized use of a PC’s modem and phone line for costly phone calls.

Hijacker programs can hijack your home page, add sites to your browser's Favorites menu, launch unwanted windows, and use your PC to send out spam e-mail.

Some also report your name, e-mail address, and other personal information.

2. What are symptoms of a PC inflicted with spyware?

Some more noticeable symptoms are:
· Changed web browser home page
· New favorites added to your browser favorites folder
· Sluggish e-mail and web browsing
· Sluggish PC performance; sudden memory issues
· Increase in pop-up ads
· Unauthorized 1-900 number phone charges

3. What does SpyRemover do? What spyware devices does SpyRemover detect and remove?

SpyRemover searches your system for intrusive spy devices. It detects and removes more than 21,000 types (more than 30,000 items, including variants) of spyware devices, including Trojans, dialers, keyloggers, hijackers, spybots, spyware, and adware.

For a list of the intrusive devices that SpyRemover detects and removes, see the Intrusive device list in the program (Setup -> Intrusive devices). To get updated list, use the online update feature.