BMC SQL-Programmer Expert ver. 17.0.05

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BMC SQL-Programmer Expert ver. 17.0.05

BMC SQL-Programmer Expert ver. 17.0.05 | 31,4 MB

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Business Challenge

SQL developers face increasing demands for productivity within their development environments. Developers must find and fix bugs faster, improve the quality of applications and manage business-critical information more efficiently. To achieve these goals, database programmers need a development environment that provides for easy creation, management and testing of programmable objects.

Business Need
  • Develop high quality SQL code for B2B applications
  • Navigate easily on multiple platforms within a single application
  • Automate debugging process with step in, step out and step over code capability
  • Create a true team programming environment with check in/check out and code sharing capabilities
  • Modify and test SQL statements quickly and easily without affecting the production server
Our Solution

The award winning SQL-Programmer Expert provides a complete development environment for Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase, Microsoft Transact-SQL, DB2® UDB and Java. Its intuitive user interface and extensive toolset allow for easy creation, management and testing of all programmable objects such as stored procedures, triggers, functions, views and indexes. With SQL-Programmer Expert, database developers and administrators can be more productive, find and fix bugs faster, improve the quality of applications and better manage business-critical information.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Provides an integrated, one look for all platforms development environment and concurrent connections across Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 UDB
  • Gives Java developers an easy-to-use development environment and provides integration with Oracle's JDeveloper in the Oracle version
  • Speeds program development and improves output quality through debuggers in the Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and NOW the DB2 UDB versions
  • Allows developers to edit and test code while protecting the original source code and database
  • Allows developers to proactively tune SQL in a Virtual Instance before code goes into production using integration with SQL-Explorer™ for Oracle
  • Allows developers to change table data quickly from the SQL-Programmer Development Window with the NEW Table Data Editor in the Oracle version
  • Assists programmers and DBAs in preparing impact analyses and estimating development costs from proposed database design changes through 90+ reports

Web Browsers
• Internet Explorer 5.0 should be installed so that specific Microsoft DLLs are updated. If you do not want to install this version of Internet Explorer, contact BMC Software Customer Support about information about specific DLLs that you can update.

Operating System Support
• Windows NT 4.0 with SP 5 or higher, 95, 98, ME, XP, and 2000

Distributed Database Platforms
· Versions 7.1 and 7.2
• Microsoft SQL Server
· Enterprise Edition with SP 3
· 7.0 Enterprise Edition with SP 1
· 2000 Enterprise Edition
· DCOM must be installed and configured orrectly for the T-SQL debugger to work
• Oracle
· 7.1, 7.3.4, 8.0, 8.1x, and 9i
· 7.3.4 or later is required for PL/SQL debugger support
· Oracle SQL*Net 2.3.4.x.x or later is required for PL/SQL debugger support
• Sybase
· Sybase SQL Server 4.2 - 4.9x
· System 10
· System 11.x
· System 12.x
· For debugger support, ESD 3 or 12.5 ESD 1 or higher and Open Client 12.0 or later are required

Minimum System Configuration
• 16 MB of RAM
• 4 MB of free RAM
• 36 MB of free disk space
• Pentium processor with minimum 200 MHz speed

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