SRS Audio Sandbox ver.

Posted By: vincente
SRS Audio Sandbox ver.

SRS Audio Sandbox ver. | 5,77 MB

SRS Audio Sandbox� will provide amazing audio immersion and maximum thump for a personalized audio experience!

* Sleek easy-to-use interface design with energizing sonic-like pulses
* Realistic & enjoyable surround sound
* Enjoy deep, rich bass
* Choose from many cool presets for all your music, videos and games
* Custom settings for headphones & desktop or surround speakers
* Compatible with all music, videos & games on the PC
* Compact mini mode display option
Enhances a variety of content
The SRS Audio Sandbox was designed recognizing audio has become more important as many people use their PC for entertainment, both at home and on the road. With SAS you can customize your audio experience based on music, movie, video or game content.