Stardock IconX Enhanced ver. 1.10

Posted By: pop
Stardock IconX Enhanced ver. 1.10

Stardock IconX enhances your Windows desktop icons. Give them shadows, make them any size, have them zoom up on mouse-over and much more. In short:
Make your desktop icons look totally awesome!

Add cool looking effects to your icon text labels to make them easier to read and better looking.

Set your icons to be any size and react to different mouse states. Use the built in pre-loads for easy use or go in and set it up for yourself.

Set up special effects for your icons
Control which icons show up on your desktop
Easily replace any icon on your desktop with a new icon or PNG image

Good icons look great and great icons look awesome thanks to effects like shadows, anti-aliasing, and dynamic resizing.

Download 1,75 Mb