Stardock ObjectDock Plus ver.1.3

Posted By: useros
ObjectDock is a program that lets you organize your short-cuts and running tasks onto an extremely customizable dock that sits on your desktop. Manage your programs and running tasks with style!
ObjectDock is a desktop toolbar, that acts as an application launcher, as well as a task manger to access currently running programs. It offers cool mouseover animation effects and displays thumbnails of open window to easily switch between applications. You can also drag and drop your favorite folders or programs onto the toolbar to add a shortcut for easy access. ObjectDock also includes a weather feature that displays current conditions for your US zip code, as well as access to My Computer, and analog clock display and more.
Version 1.3 supports reserving screen space for itself and countless other new features.

ObjectDock Plus features include:
· Put short-cuts on your dock
· Display running tasks on your dock
· Put docklets on your dock
· Icons zoom on mouse-over
· Change the appearance of the icons of running tasks and short-cuts
· Position dock on any edge of the screen
· Optionally represent running programs by snapshot of their window
· Optionally hide Windows taskbar
· Skinnable
· Optional rocking icons on mouse over
· Multiple Docks on screen at once
· Multi-Monitor Support
· Tabbed Docks
· System Tray support
· Task grouping
· Fly-Out Menus
· Hot-Spot activation

Changes in Version 1.3:
- Ability to offset the docks from the edge of a screen
- Mouse activation (ObjectDock also supports hot spots). Mouse Activation allows docks to be totally hidden and then when the mouse hits the edge near where the dock is, the dock will pop on top
- Docks can now reserve the edge of a screen so that windows cannot cover them
- A ton of user-requested tweaks and changes to improve usability