StarSkin (v.

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StarSkin (v. Windows XP appearance changing made easy

Starting from Windows XP, Microsoft Corp. introduced the Theme Manager component that enables users to customize visual appearance of all applications that run in Windows. Users may customize literally all visual attributes, including colors, icons, fonts, headings, borders, buttons style and so on.

StarSkin allows you to change the view and appearence of your Windows XP box with the use of publicaly available themes.

We also propose StarSkin PREMIUM package - the same as StarSkin but with the unique collection of the high-quality themes from LightStar Technologies. Please visit their StarSkin related pages.

Keep in mind, that both of these packages were designed for WinXP or above systems only.
Please read the complete StarSkin manual on-line (PDF format).

Key features:
Quickly change the visual appearance of the Windows
Select custom styles, icons, fonts, colors and themes for Windows desktop
Change boot screen
Change logon screen
Enable themes support for older applications

With StarSkin you can
quickly change the visual appearances
select custom styles and themes

Moreover, StarSkin enables you to change applications that do not support standard interfaces for custom visualization.

In addition to that StarSkin provides you with an ability to modify boot and logon screens, select a theme and change the visual style, screen saver, sounds and other attributes.

Applz, crack and manual below:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: