Steganos Password Manager 2006 ver.8.0.1

Posted By: proxy_user
With Password Manager you can manage your passwords: user accounts, ATM card numbers, access codes for your online service, TANs or the security code for your cell phone. Passwords and access codes are omnipresent. Password Managerallows you to manage all this information in one place. You now only have to remember one password, which grants you access to all stored passwords. Of course, the password list is encrypted. You can create categories and organize the passwords as you wish, for example, all PINs or Web-access passwords, and so on.

When you are surfing the Internet using Internet Explorer Password Manager saves your user name and the password you entered as soon as you log on to a Website. The next time you visit the Website, user name and password will be entered automatically. Furthermore, you can manage and adapt saved passwords directly in Password Manager.

In addition, Password Manager solves two more problems:

In many cases you can choose a password yourself. Often the same password is used in several places because it is hard to remember so many of them. If unauthorized persons get their hands on this single password, they would not only have access to one service or secret, but to all. With the Password Manager, this problem is a thing of the past because now you only have to remember one password - the one for your Password Manager. Please note that it is very important that you do not forget this password, because without it, it will be impossible to "crack" your Password Manager!
Passwords that are too simple and not secure are often used. The Password Manager allows you to generate secure passwords. Such secure passwords consist of random characters that make them difficult to remember, but with Password Manager this is no longer a problem.
Now you can save the password for Password Manager on a key device.

Add (Ins key)
Creates a new password entry in the list of passwords.

Delete (Del key)
Deletes the selected password entry from the list of passwords.

Edit (Enter key)
Allows you to edit password entries.

Each password entry can be assigned to a category. This makes it easier for you to manage your passwords. You can edit the category of a password entry at any time, by double-clicking on the entry.

Click on the globe to directly open the pages you have entered in your Web browser.

Drag and Drop
Click on this icon and keep the mouse button pressed down. Drag the pointer to a text input field and release the mouse button. The text will be automatically inserted.