Tenebril StickyNote 9.0 Build 25

Posted By: dheep
Tenebril StickyNote 9.0 Build 25

Tenebril StickyNote 9.0 Build 25

StickyNote 9.0 is the most popular virtual notes program in the world, and is the only program to offer photo-realistic 3D notes.
They look just like physical stickies left on your monitor!

You have more information to remember than ever. Passwords. Phone numbers. Messages. Ideas. Managing this information efficiently is important to your productivity. StickyNote provides an easy solution, both at home and at the office.

"This program may be the ultimate version of the reminder note. StickyNote's 3D notes look like real bits of paper stuck to your screen." ~ Editor's Review

Download at Rapidshare (5mb)