Live WM & RM Recorder v10.2 [Records online streaming]

Posted By: Dr. Kimble
Live WM & RM Recorder v10.2 [Records online streaming]

Live WM & RM Recorder v10.2
Records online streaming | 2,3 Mb in RAR | Fully working
Capture Video and Audio Streams with just ONE CLICK!

It's easy with the Replay Video Suite, featuring WM Recorder, RM Recorder and WM VCR. WM Recorder 10.2 is the easiest way to record Windows Media streaming Video or Audio content. With one click, you can save music videos, music, news feeds, radio broadcasts, subscription or pay-per-view content, corporate webcasts, and anything else! RM Recorder 10.2 brings the same easy-to-use one-click recording capability to Real Video and Audio streams.



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