StuffIt Deluxe®

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StuffIt Deluxe makes using the Internet fast, safe, and secure! Whether you store data securely in space-saving archives or safely send it to friends and co-workers, StuffIt makes it easier than ever to backup, upload files, and more, automatically!

Compress JPEG Photos and Images by up to 30%! With its revolutionary new photo compression technology, StuffIt archives what no other compression product has been able to do – reduce the size of JPEG photos and images up to 30% with absolutely no loss in image quality! Where existing archive technologies such as zip are unable to further compress JPEG photos, StuffIt’s patent-pending technology enables users to fit more data onto CDs, DVDs, and other storage and backup media. This provides significant bandwidth saving for professionals, businesses, and hobbyists looking to share images over the Internet or on the network!

NEW! Virus Protection! StuffIt now includes new ways to protect users from receiving viruses embedded in compressed archives. StuffIt works with installed virus scanning software (including solutions from McAfee, Symantec, Computer Associates, Trend Micro and all popular anti-virus software) to scan all files automatically when they are expanded from an archive.

NEW! ZipMagic Built In! StuffIt Deluxe 9 includes ZipFolders®, exclusive patented technology that allows users’ computers to open zip archives as if they were regular Windows folders. Only StuffIt allows users to access zipped files directly from the Open dialog of all favorite applications. Users can even modify compressed files and save them back into the zip archive without ever having to decompress it. ZipFolders, sets a new standard for transparent access to all zipped files.

NEW! Whole Archive Encryptions! StuffIt now has the ability to encrypt a whole archive so that a password is required to open and browse the contents of the archives.

NEW! System Tray Launcher! Now access all of StuffIt’s major functions and features from the System Tray, giving the user another convenient way to access or compress their files and images.

NEW! Console Application! StuffIt now includes a Console application designed specifically to allow users to script StuffIt functions in a Windows console environment.

New and Improved! User Interface: An updated interface makes StuffIt even easier to use and gives the user greater customization options. Also the Wizards were updated adding new functionality.

Improved! Compression Speed and Compression Rates: StuffIt 9 is faster than earlier versions and the compression methods were optimized to produce even smaller archives.

New and Improved! Cross Platform Support: StuffIt now preserves the Macintosh OS file information under Windows.

Improved! DiskIndex: Now faster than earlier versions, users can create a searchable index of any CD or DVD. They can list all the files stored on the disc and the contents of any archives on a disc, enabling them to quickly browse and search CDs and DVDs even when the discs are not inserted in the computer. The Disk Index works in tandem with StuffIt’s powerful ArchiveSearch™ feature, which browses and searches archives still stored on the computer hard drive.

More Room on Your Hard Disk! Shrink documents up to 98% of their original size! Free tons of space on your hard disk! Save more compressed files onto CDs or DVDs!

Backup Data Fast! Now StuffIt is the easiest way to protect your data, or your whole hard disk. Schedule backups to run automatically while you sleep, and StuffIt will even send you a confirmation message to assure you your data is safe.

Find ANY file! Find files in ZIP or SIT compressed archives, even locate files that have been backed up to CD or DVD and erased on your hard disk!

Integrated with MS Office! Compress, save, and send ALL in one single click, from MS Word™, Excel™ or Outlook®. This is a fantastic time saver that wipes out dozens of clicks and keystrokes!

Protect Your Secrets! Super-strong 512-bit encryption and password protection ensures your data's privacy.

Automate FTP & Email! Point and click your way to instant automation. StuffIt Express lets you combine any number of steps into a single drop box. Eliminate routine tasks and simplify your life.

Safe & Secure! StuffIt self-repairs archived data, keeping it safe from transmission and media errors.