Style Studio v3.8.107

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Style Studio v3.8.107

Style Studio v3.8.107 |Win OS | 3.3 MB

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Style Studio CSS Editor - The ultimate css tool!

The benefits of CSS are obvious, and with Style Studio CSS Editor, Cascading Style Sheets are quick and simple to implement.

Whether you're creating a new website, editing an existing site, or converting a site to use CSS , Style Studio CSS Editor is designed to make all your CSS and HTML tasks easier.

Style Studio CSS Editor is the solution that you're looking for:

* Error-free CSS documents without technical know-how with our CSS validator / Checker
* Intuitive, fully-featured CSS Editor with Office 2000 / XP UI interface
* Site-wide conversion of existing HTML pages to CSS and XHTML
* Extensive browser compatibility info
* Standard compliant HTML pages
* State-of-the-art designs with our helpful CSS generators
* …and so much more!

Get the most of your style sheets with our powerful css editor, Style Studio!

Style Studio is the perfect companion to any webmaster seeking for a professional cascading style sheets editor for quick and professional results.

Style Studio CSS Editor offer the following benefits / features :

* Automatically detects and highlights invalid and unsupported css properties
* CSS Validator check your css documents with our powerful checking utility, detect and correct common (and les common!) css errors.
* CSS Manager : Easily manage, upgrade to standard compliant code (tidy) and detect CSS related problems in your web-site.
* Smart Linker : Link multiple CSS documents to many HTML XHTML / / XML documents at once
* Property Watch : automatically detect css property (or HTML tag if you're editing an HTML document) under caret and list many useful information about it
* CSS Indent : indent your style sheets effortlessly.
* IntelliStyle® : an IntelliSense-like technology (for both style sheets and HTML!)
* Browser Filter : Easy-to-use wizard which automatically detect your visitors' browsers and consequently use the right style sheet.
* CSS Scrollbars Wizard and Generator Time-saver wizard which let you design IE 5.5+ scrollbars instantly with real-time preview !
* Intuitive interface, identical to MS Office 2000/XP look and feel
* …and so much more !


More Screenshots:

To use Style Studio, you must meet the following requirements :

* PC with at least P90 Mhz.
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) installed (not necessary to set it as the default system browser).
* Very important : VB6 run-time files. If you don't have these files, please click here to go to our download page and download them before using Style Studio.
* 32 Mo of RAM.

Optional requirements :
* MS speech engine (only required if you want to use "Voice Enabled" feature).
* Netscape 6+ or Mozilla (only required if you want to use Netscape in internal preview).

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