Super Flexible File Synchronizer ver.3.35 build 554

Posted By: Swerty
Super Flexible File Synchronizer ver.3.35 build 554

Super Flexible File Synchronizer ver.3.35 build 554 | 4.5 mb

This software is used to back up data and to synchronize PCs, servers, and notebooks.

Key Features
• Synchronize Files (between a PCs, laptops, servers)
• Multiple Profiles (jobs / sets of saved settings)
• No limit in the number of files or file sizes
• With Scheduler (for automated backups - can run as an NT service)
• Synchronize NTFS security settings (file permissions) and folder shares
• ZIP compression, encryption
• Access FTP servers, optionally with secure transfer (SSH,SSL/TLS) (FTP and SFTP file synchronization)
• Detects Moved Files (when folders have been reorganized)
• Email Notification (optional notification of sync results)
• Exact Mirror Mode (to create a mirror that matches the source exactly, even if that means that files are deleted, or newer files are replaced with older ones)
• Keep Multiple Backup Versions Of Each File (optional)
• Database-Aware (can safely be used for database files)
• Can Use Recycle Bin for older versions of files that are overwritten
• Detailed Logging if desired (see Options tabsheet)
• and much more


- adds WebDAV and Amazon S3 support
- optionally specify volume label instead of drive letter
(for example, USBDRIVE:\ instead of G:\)
- "Right side vol. label must be" setting searches for a
matching drive letter too.
- adds new FTP Method 1
- Move Files mode now only removes emptied folders on
the source side if the appropriate checkbox on the More
tab sheet is checked.
- Windows API Copying Function now in each profile
- automatically uses Windows API Copying function for
any drives which are not a local hard disk
- fixes various bugs

v3.35 build 554

- new setting: "Cache Destination File List…"
speeds up regular backups to slow destinations
- you can now invoke a diff tool by right-clicking a file
in the Sync Preview
- new setting: "Restrictions…" on the Masks tab sheet.
these are file masks restricting copying in one direction
- FTP Library 1 compatible with more FTP/SSL servers.
- Amazon S3: files on the S3 server are now shown with
in you local time rather than Greenwich time
(applies only when not using Filename Mangling)