SWF Demo Maker ver. 2.0

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SWF Demo Maker ver. 2.0

SWF Demo Maker ver. 2.0 | 9,38 Mb

SWF Demo Maker is a powerful and user-friendly application for creating industrial standart SWF animations. SWF Demo Maker will enable you to capture your screen changes accurately and put them on a flash like timeline for you to edit the movie throughly.After that pressing a button will give you a highly compressed swf animation to use anywhere you like.We have designed a special optimization engine which reduces the movie output up to %80. Eaach movie created is streaming based which means that the users viewing the movie on the internet do not have to wait until whole the movie is loaded.Each loaded frame will be shown while the others are being loaded.

SWF Demo Maker is intended to be used by all levels of web designers; beginner, intermediate and professional Macromedia Flash users, Flash game programmers, and Online education companies. Its easy-to-use interface, ability to capture all of your screen movements, XML based project creation, and high compression rate make
SWF Demo Maker an indispensable and unique tool not only for web designers, but also for companies working on Flash projects. XYZSoftware wishes you to enjoy this new product.

SWF Demo Maker Features:
• Generatiing streaming based SWF Animation files.
• Capturing all the contents of the screen for animation.
• Creates highly compressed and optimized swf animation files.
• Supports exporting images outside from a project as all known formats.
• Suppors importing images to a project as all known formats.
• Has easy to use flash movie timeline.
• SWF File viewer is included (Does not need flash or another program to preview the output)
• Has a built in special optimizing engine for smaller output. (reduces the output file length up to %80)
• Has highly customizable frontend.
• Easy to learn and use.

Actionscript 3.0 events.

Calculation of the optimization ratio on design time.
Allows multi session capturing.
Capable of simulating Click, Double Click , Rollover mouse Actions.
Capable of simulating Keyboard Actions.
Capable of simulating Drag Drop Actions.
Supports multiple Highlight Boxes per each frame on every layer.

Supports multiple Text captions each frame on every layer.