Swiff Chart ver. 3.0 Pro

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Swiff Chart ver. 3.0 Pro

Swiff Chart ver. 3.0 | Size: 3,7Mb

Swiff Chart lets you create Eye-Catching Animated Charts in Macromedia Flash format. Paste your data from a speadsheet or import a formatted text file, choose a predefined Chart Style, adjust parameters and instantly export your animated Chart as a Macromedia Flash movie.

Specifically designed to address the very needs of professional users, Swiff Chart Professional Edition includes a complete built-in annotation system to produce/enhance/highlight advanced charts.

In order to maximize productivity, data series can be imported from a Microsoft Excel WorkSheet. The produced chart can then be directly exported into a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide or Presentation.

This edition also includes additional professional export features like Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and SVGZ (Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics).