SWISHJukebox v1.0 2006.07.03

Posted By: darchu
SWISHJukebox v1.0 2006.07.03

SWISHJukebox v1.0 2006.07.03 | 2,39 MB

* You can combine any number of MP3s into a single Flash sound player.
* Edit the title, artist, album and conversion details for each track.
* Select from a large selection of professionally designed Flash player styles.
* Players come complete with play buttons, volume controls and track details.
* Easily set adjust the playing order of your imported MP3s.
* The playlist can be set to shuffle, looping, play on start and play next track.
* Generate spectrum data for all your MP3s automatically.
* Sound players use the spectrum data to display a graphic equaliser.
* Publish your Flash sound players as SWF or FLV files with ease.
* Truncate your SWF or FLV player at a set period of time.
* Publish your Flash sound players with the HTML needed to display them on the web
* Create your own templates to use when publishing HTML.