SWiSHmax v1.0 2006-06-29

Posted By: darchu
SWiSHmax v1.0 2006-06-29

SWiSHmax v1.0 2006-06-29 | 10,96 MB

* Bundled with over 230 built-in effects.
* Effects make animations with text, images, graphics and sound simple and quick to produce.
* The ability to author and distribute your own effects.
* All effects can be added to multiple objects at once.
* No coding required! All interactivity can be added through a simple menu interface.
* Advanced scripting capabilities through SWiSHscript.
* Script editor which allows advanced user to enter scripts directly.
* Debugger that simplifies finding and fixing errors in your scripts.
* Advanced set of drawing tools provided including: Line, Pencil, Bezier, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square and AutoShapes.
* Complex Shape editing options making it easy to modify your shapes.
* AutoShapes that make adding and editing complex shapes like 3D cubes a breeze.
* Guides, grids, and alignment tools.
* A simple yet powerful interface means anyone can make stunning Flash animations in minutes.
* Objects, frames and effects can all be added, modified or deleted directly from the timeline.
* Managing movies, scenes and sprites made simple.
* Import SWF movies produced in any other Flash application.
* Simply import sounds, graphics and text files.
* SWiSH Max SWF movies can be imported into any other Flash application with ease.
* Advanced compression features help keep your SWF file sizes small.

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