Symantec Client Security (Corporate Edition v10.1.4.4000)

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Symantec Client Security (Corporate Edition v10.1.4.4000)
Symantec Client Security (Corporate Edition v10.1.4.4000)

Symantec Client Security helps keep client systems safe by providing comprehensive and proactive protection against malware with vulnerability-based detection. Integrated graphical reporting and simplified management of multiple, integrated security technologies allow organizations to maintain control of client systems, minimize productivity disruptions, and enhance client security.

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Key Features

  • Integrated security technologies—including antivirus, antispyware, client firewall, and intrusion prevention.
    Generic exploit blocking enhances client intrusion prevention capabilities against unknown threats.
    Default client firewall configurations minimize implementation efforts while stopping the majority of threats.
    Integrated Web-based graphical reporting and centralized management from one single console.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically detects and repairs the effects of spyware, adware, viruses, and other malicious intrusions in real time to help keep client systems safe.
    Vulnerability-based protection proactively defends systems before operating system patches or virus signatures are available.
    Simplified management provides real-time information of network client status and fast distribution of software updates and definitions.