SynaptiCAD AllProducts v11.07d

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SynaptiCAD AllProducts v11.07d

TestBencher Pro
BugHunter Pro
VeriLogger Pro
WaveFormer Pro
DataSheet Pro
Timing Diagrammer Pro
Gigawave Viewer

OS: windows | 66,22mb

Free yourself from the time-consuming process of manually writing Verilog, VHDL, and SystemC test benches. Generate them graphically from timing diagrams. SynaptiCAD provides 3 levels of test bench generation to meet all your design needs.

Want a powerful, yet easy to use simulation environment? SynaptiCAD's simulation and debugging tools provide a standard interface for controlling all of your simulation tools.

SynaptiCAD's timing diagram editors have the most extensive and accurate timing analysis features available in any timing diagram editor on the market including delay correlation, reconvergent fan-out, and clocks that model jitter and buffer delays. Three different levels of editing let you pick the best price and feature set for your application

SynaptiCAD offers support for the latest test equipment and emulation technologies allowing you to port your simulation and timing analysis data to your prototyping environment.

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