SynergeticSoft PopUp Blocker Pro v7.06

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SynergeticSoft PopUp Blocker Pro v7.06

SynergeticSoft PopUp Blocker Pro v7.06 |

We know how distracting it can be to have annoying Web advertisements pop-up windows while you're using the Internet. Also, some pop-up windows can contain inappropriate content. It is virtually impossible to make a program that will eliminate pop-up windows completely, while leaving those that are useful or even vital for website navigation.

Many software companies tried and failed that is why you see more and more of those pop-up windows every day. Pop-up Blocker does not close any popup windows. Pop-up Blocker helps you choose which popup windows you want to be closed with block list feature. Meaning, more you use Pop-up Blocker less pop-ups you see. Pop-up Blocker is fully compatible with Windows XP. Pop-up Blocker works with all Internet connections.