TaBazar II ver. 1.3b

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TaBazar II ver. 1.3b

TaBazar II ver. 1.3b | Win OS | 3.7 MB

Home Page: http://www.tabazar.de/frame_e.htm

TaBazar is a notation program for fretted instruments ( like guitar, bass, banjo or mandolin ) and percussion for Windows. You can view, edit, print and play back scores in tablature and/or standard notation.

# Any count of tracks, single- and multitrack display
# Display of tablature and/or standardnotation
# Effects like hammering, bend, slide, harmonics etc.
# Free string count and tuning
# Several import/export formats
# Percussion notation
# Time signature, key and clef selectable per measure
# Jumps like coda, fine, segno etc.
# Musikon - Interaktive musical dictionary ( in German )
# Plugin for display and midi playback with Internet Explorer or Mozilla

Plugin: http://www.tabazar.de/plugin.htm

Import/Export Formats: http://www.tabazar.de/port_e.htm


MD5: 9a7368a6ded41d1961c80b4746b2227e

Thanks to TEAM AiR