TablePro v3.28

Posted By: mpe38
TablePro v3.28

TablePro is a simple and convenient database for the home or office. With TablePro you can add and edit data easily, sort by any field you wish, perform fast, powerful searches, customize the interface with unlimited records, and export data in various useful formats. Different databases may be created to suit your database needs. For example, a telephone directory, a card file, a videoshop inventory, a LOG-file, a file of statistics, etc. can all be created using different tables, each with appropriate columns…
TablePro uses no custom database components or controls, and does not change the Windows Register or anything else outside its own directory, which makes it extremely safe and simple to use. It has a small footprint and makes few demands on computer resources, so TablePro may normally be left running on the desktop.
We will not be releasing any more updates to version 3 of the TablePro Program, and will now take a much needed break. The next program version that we will release will be called TablePro4. We are also working on two other programs that are similar to our TablePro Program. In the TablePro4 Program we will be adding many new features, but we promise to keep the program simple, and easy to use. All registered users will be informed of its completion, and can update to the TablePro4 program for Free when available.