Tarma ExpertInstall Enterprise v3.3.2455

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Tarma ExpertInstall Enterprise v3.3.2455

Tarma ExpertInstall Enterprise v3.3.2455

Tarma ExpertInstall Enterprise v3.3.2455 | Win32 | Size: 2.49 MB

Create Tarma native and MSI installers from a single project. Use the predefined dialogs and actions or roll your own. The possibilities are endless, the installers fast and compact, the price amazing.

Choose ExpertInstall if:

* You must create Windows Installer (MSI) packages
* You need .Net support
* You want to use the advanced features of Tarma's native v3 installer
* You want to modify the installer screens or create your own
* You need total control over all installation actions and installer features

Main features

Tarma ExpertInstall's main features are:

* Support for Tarma native installers and Windows Installers
* Fully editable installer dialogs and dialog sequences
* Fully editable installer action sequences
* Comprehensive language and localization support
* Feature- and component-based installation
* Import MSI databases and merge modules
* Extensive preflight checking



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