TaskInfo ver. Beta

Posted By: proxy_user
Combines and improves features of Task Manager and System Information tools. It visually monitors (in text and graphical forms) different types of system information in any Windows system in real time:

· List of all running processes and threads (including system threads), with detailed information about each process: CPU and memory usage, path, all opened files and modules (DLLs), command line, environment variables, opened connections and more
· List Most of the Processes that want to be invisible like worms, keyloggers and other spy software
· Total CPU(s), memory (physical, virtual, cache and swap) usage
· Detailed information about installed CPU(s) and operating system
· Data rates on local disks, network server/client, Dial-Up I/O
· All opened files, drivers and TCP/IP, VPN connections with details

TaskInfo shows in real time information about all running processes and threads including ring0 VxD threads.

Here are some key features of "TaskInfo":

· Copy all information to clipboard or text file
· Run/stop processes and shutdown/restart the system
· Use it from command line
· Automatically show different low-resource alerts
· "Free" physical memory on demand
· Run new processes and close already running ones
· Force termination of badly behaving processes
· Change process priority
· Reboot, restart or shutdown your system