Tell Me More English DVD

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Tell Me More English DVD

Tell Me More English DVD
750 Hours Of Learning English, Divided into 6 Workshops
The latest technology to help you learn English. Learn to speak English quickly and easily!

Learning English has never been more convenient or fun! With TeLL me More English, you can learn English using a personal computer in your school or in the comfort of your own home.

Tell me More customizes its English instruction to you. As you advance through the program, Tell me More evaluates your progress, and uses your results to suggest activities and exercises best suited to your needs. And when you're ready to practice speaking English, its speech recognition technology gives you visual feedback to assist you in correctly pronunciating the language you're learning.
The Intelligent Solution package includes Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and is a near-perfect solution for practicing and learning American English. It contains more than 3,600 exercises, organized in 35 different types of activities, and 750 hours of learning!
Whatever your objectives or level, Tell Me More adapts to your needs and guides you through the learning process, just as a teacher would.

• State-of-the-art speech recognition technology enables you to evaluate your pronunciation, and automatically detects and corrects your errors (using S.E.T.S. technology).
• A modern, user-friendly interface ensures effortless browsing.
• 2 hours of video activities included.
• 3D animations illustrate the movements of the lips and mouth to help improve your pronunciation.
• Comes with a headset and microphone :-)



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