Tracks Eraser Pro v6.1.1002

Posted By: Kalamata
Tracks Eraser Pro v6.1.1002

Tracks Eraser Pro v6.1.1002 | 1.5MB

Erase all tracks of your Internet activity

Tracks Eraser can erase the following history data for you:

* Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's location bar history list
* Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's Cookies
* Erase Internet cache (temporary Internet files)
* Erase Internet history files
* Erase Internet search history
* Erase autocomplete history
* Erase IE plugins (selectable)
* Clean index.dat file
* Erase start menu run history
* Erase start menu search history
* Erase windows temp files
* Erase open/save dialog box history
* Empty recycle bin
* Erase Realplayer playlist history
* Erase Media Player playlist history
* Erase QuickTime playlist history
* Erase Microsoft Office recent files list
* Erase Winzip recent extract files list
* Erase Acrobat recent files list

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