Test Log v2.1.1004

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TestLog is an integrated test case management software solution. It provides a tool for software test teams to create and update effective test plans and test cases. TestLog places a large emphasis on test case requirements management, as inefficiencies in this area are among the most serious causes of slippages, setbacks and even failures in the software product development life cycle. It encourages a structured approach to the use of test plans and reports on the current progress and status of these plans. TestLog has been designed with versatility in mind and should plug seamlessly any testing methodology or process across a variety of industries.

Platforms: Windows 98 , ME, 2000, 2003, XP
Requirements: 32MB Ram, 5MB Disk space, Pentium CPU or higher, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

PassMark’s TestLog is a software tool that provides an integrated management environment for test cases and software test project requirements. It provides reports on the status and progress of a software products test cycle and projects the time remaining to complete the project based on these statistics.

Helps manage the development life cycle.
Promotes the reusability of test cases.
Provides an effective means of test case requirements management..
Increases efficiency and reduces project cost overruns.
Easy to manage XML database.
Provides a structured approach to the testing process.
Allows import of existing test case databases from CSV files.
Allows both manual and automated test cases to be documented.
Provides export functionality to CSV and HTML format

Feature Description:

One of the most important elements in today's software development life cycle is a well organized test phase. Anyone who has used computers for any length of time can testify to the amount of poorly tested software generally available today. Anyone who has worked in the software industry, particularly in quality assurance, verification or testing, knows only too well the pitfalls that accompany a poorly managed test phase.

TestLog offers an integrated management environment in which you will create and manage, not just your test cases, but your entire test plan. It offers a structured approach to the testing process, yet remains versatile enough to fit into any existing methodology (including UML). TestLog uses a lightweight XML database, which makes installation and configuration a matter of a few clicks. TestLogs inline reports quickly generate statistics, which show the progress of your project and estimate if the project is still keeping to the schedule.

Test case requirements management is often an enormous headache in a test environment. All too often a key employee, or a necessary piece of equipment isn't available. TestLog provides features which allow your various test requirements to be assigned to individual test cases, so you know exactly who and what are needed when.

The application includes the following additional features:

Online help & PDF manual.
Lightweight XML database means no database third party software, such as MS Access or Oracle.
Sample TestLog database to get you up and running quickly.
Easy to use 'Explorer' user interface.
Inline reporting.
Drag and drop functionality to quickly create new projects.
Object duplication to easily create projects for new versions of your software
Spelling checker
Importing existing test case databases is supported. Simply save your existing test cases in an comma separated variable file and import them into TestLog.

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