The Bat! ver. 3.86.10 Beta

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The Bat! ver. 3.86.10 Beta

The Bat! ver. 3.86.10 Beta | 4 MB

An award-winning powerful email client with a friendly, cool interface.It has every feature an advanced user will ever need.Virus-proof Email System for 95/98/W2K/XP to make your e-communication efficient and safe.

Microsoft Exchange Connectivity

The Bat! connects to Microsoft Exchange Servers using native MAPI protocol to fetch or send the messages. You just have to install Microsoft Office Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Client to supply the Exchange connectivity components which The Bat! will be using

Anti-spam Protection

The Bat! has Bayesian filtering in the default installation. You have to educate the plugin what is spam and what is not, and then it will do the job.

Smart Sorting Office

The Sorting Office is a powerful filtering system, not only sorts your incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export messages; send reading confirmations; run an external program and more. The Bat! sorting office is so sophisticated that you can even run the mailing list server with the full subscribe/unsubscribe functionality. More…

Handy Message Templates

In addition to the signatures, The Bat! allows to create the message templates that are using special macros. Any mailbox, folder or entry in the Address Book can have a set of templates for the new message, reply or forward. These templates will greatly expedite the process of message composition, especially when the message has some standard or common text.