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A.D.A.M. The Inside Story

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A.D.A.M. The Inside Story

The Miraculous Way to Discover the Secrets of the Human Body A.D.A.M. The Inside Story, Special Edition, is the easiest and most realistic way to learn about the human body. You'll unlock the mysteries of the body in over four hours of exciting animations and 3D graphics. And get the answers to important health-related questions from Dr. Harper - your on-line M.D.

"Peel" your way through over 100 layers of medically-accurate anatomy, beautifully hand-crafted by A.D.A.M. Software's world renowned team of medical illustrators. Point and click to identify over 4,000 individual structures. In the Family Scrapbook, join Adam and Eve to see what makes your heart beat, how you digest food, how blood cells are made and much more. You can even challenge your knowledge with the new interactive Quizmeister. Discover Each Body System in Amazing Detail Join tour guides Adam and Eve on a fantastic trip through the human body. You'll find over four hours of learning fun as you explore each of the body's 12 major systems in colorful detail.
With the new CYBERVIZZ 3D, you'll get up close to the real thing. Based on the National Library of Medicine's "Visible Human" project, these incredible rotatable, 3D graphics are available for the first time ever in this Edition. Study the intricacies of the heart, skull and respiratory system. You can even "fly-through" the skull and take a 3D trip down a blood vessel.
* Skin - Choose between any of four different skin tones
* Adam or Eve - Explore both male and female anatomy in incredible full-color detail.
A parental option allows you to lock the fig leaves on.
* Rotate - Select from four anatomical views - front, rear, left, or right
* Magnify - Zoom in with precision accuracy on over 4,000 structures
* Internet Ready - Expand your resources with one-button access to the Internet.
Download additional quizzes, text and graphics, expand your library of anatomical images and explore the A.D.A.M. Medical Directory.
* Highlight - Use the Highlight feature to pinpoint any structure in the body.
* Search - Access a powerful search tool to instantly locate over 1,200 major structures.
* 3D - explore stunning 3D graphics - from a real human cadaver - of major organs like the heart and lungs. You'll experience CYBERVIZZ 3D - it's as close to the real thing as you can get.
* Navigate - Look at any section of the body by simply dragging the Navigation box.
* Dissect - It's easy. Drag the slide bar to "peel" your way through over 100 layers of medically-accurate anatomy. Just point and click on any structure at any layer to see its name. You can even hear the name pronounced.
* The Family Scrapbook - Your personal tour guides Adam and Eve are waiting to take you on an amazing interactive journey through the body's 12 major systems. Join them as you see first-hand how the heart works, how exercise affects your body, how blood clots, and how your skeletal system works. In all, you'll explore over four hours of detailed information on dozens of important medically related topics.
* Voice pronunciations of over 1,200 anatomical structure names.
* Over 100 printable full-color medial illustrations originally drawn for the A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy.
* Comprehensive Reference Text on each of the 12 major body systems.
* The Quizmeister - interactive quizzes to challenge your knowledge and make learning fun.
* Printing feature allows you to print out each layer of anatomy. Create custom reports for home or school with these beautiful illustrations.
* The A.D.A.M. Medical Directory - access a database of over 100 of the top medical and health-related Internet sites.