The JukeBox'er

Posted By: Turkey
The JukeBox'er

The JukeBox'er | 8 MB

The ultimate home jukebox system. Can be used as an MP3 player or CD Ripper
The JukeBox'er is a tool that allows you to play MP3s and rip CDs.
Do you too get tired of having all your CDs laying around, every time you are having a party?
With The JukeBox'er, your problem is solved. Rip all your CDs to your hard drive as MP3 using the build-in CD Ripper, and let The JukeBox'er do the job. The only thing you need is a mouse and a monitor. The noisy PC can be put away.
You can also listen to Net Radio ( and asx supported), play music videos (avi and mpeg) and select your preferred visualization.