Passcape TheBat Password Recovery v1.1.0.3

Posted By: Alexpal
Passcape TheBat Password Recovery v1.1.0.3 | 1 Mb

Have you ever thought what program you are using all the time in your everyday work with the computer? Right, your mail client. There is a lot of software for processing and sending e-mail messages. But there is one program that you try once and understand forever what the true mail client is.
TheBat! is one of the best programs for receiving, sending and managing e-mail messages. It has a though-out and comfortable interface and a great variety of features. Special attention is paid to security issues.
However, if you use this program and happen to forget the password to your favorite mailbox, you will not find too many tools that can correctly recover passwords for it on the Internet. TheBat! Password Recovery will help you find forgotten passwords for this popular program. BPR supports all versions of TheBat! and will help you recover all types of passwords used in it.

Recover all types of TheBat! stored e-mail passwords: POP3, IMAP, SMTP, MAILBOX, GROUP, NETWORK, etc;
Choose between two (automatic and manual) recovery modes;
Reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks;
Export passwords to text, html or excel files;
Multilingual passwords support;
Friendly wizard interface;
Detailed help;
Full install/uninslall support.

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003, less than 2 Mb on your hard drive.

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